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Bestech Eskra Test and Review

Bestech Eskra

The majority of Bestech´s knives models have been created by their in-house design team, but in recent months the company has entered into collaborations with well-known knife designers. German knifemaker Heidi Blacksmith is one of the positive examples but he is not the only one. In cooperation with the Polish designer Grabarski Grzegorz, Bestech Knives Eskra model was introduced recently. […]

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German knife law for knives and sharp tools

German knife laws

Carrying a knife is the most normal thing in the world for many people. Everybody knows the local knife law but carrying your favored knife abroad can get you in serious trouble. This article about German knife law will help not to clip the wrong knife at your belt when travelling to Germany.(Hier klicken für deutsche Version)

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